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Our Classes

Why drive all over town? Our classes and super supportive community have everything you need in one place!
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Getting Started

Ready to try your first class? Are you wondering what to wear? What to bring? What to expect? Don’t worry, we’ve got all your answers.
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Our Teachers

Tired of feeling like just another mat in the studio? We want to get to know you, so feel free to stay and chat before and after class.
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Our Studio

Flex Fusion is more than a barre studio. We are a supportive community who pulls together to reach personal goals and foster friendships along the way. Our custom-built studios combine the benefits of barre, yoga, TRX, and boot camp so you don’t have to run all over town to get your workout in. Plus, our classes fuse together to give you the most well-rounded workout in the Bay. Whether you’re looking to sweat it out in a cardio boot camp, sculpt and tone in barre, build strength in TRfleX or stretch it all out in yoga, we’ve got it in one place. Get ready to flex your limits and open your mind to new possibilities.

What are we all about? Watch to find out!

From Our Students

Nicole was the first barre teacher I ever had, and I was immediately hooked! Her classes are both challenging and supportive, and I could feel the results the next day.

Amanda Z.

I have taken over 500 barre classes all over the country and Barre Burn is in my top five favorite classes of all time!

Kayla B.

Such an amazing studio!! All of the teachers are amazing and Niki (the owner) was so nice and taught me how to hold a couple tough positions for barre correctly! Love this studio!

Cydney C.

Super friendly and spacious studio. Front desk and yoga instructor were so welcoming and helpful … great workout and I can’t wait to return!

Christine K.


14 hours ago

Flex Fusion Studios

All the time. Potential flexfam come to us everyday and say they want to be stronger/fitter/healthier but they just don’t have the time. They’re too busy running their kids around, helping their spouse/parents/friends, staying late at work to assist their teammates, the list is long. You name it, they’re doing it. Everything for everyone except themselves. To this we ask, if your loved one were coming to you with these exact health wishes that you’re telling us, wouldn’t you tell them to go for it? Wouldn’t you encourage them to take 45 minutes of self-care to make a change in their life?
Why won’t you do that for yourself? Stop with the personal guilt trip. You deserve better. Love yourself. Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.

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21 hours ago

Flex Fusion Studios

What makes Flex Fusion so special? Our community! Check out what we do in these studios of ours and then come try us out. Flexfam, what's your favorite part of our little studio in Downtown Campbell? Tell us in the comments! We'll draw someone's name for a free flex towel at the end of the week!

— Products shown: 2 Weeks Unlimited.

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