Power Flex Boot Camp

No barres here! This intense boot camp class will challenge your limits with intense strength building exercises. Using props and your own body weight, you will sculpt your muscles and burn calories. Traditional lunges, squats, and planks get a makeover to power up your workout and help you reach your next level.


Move through stations in this cardio and strength circuit style class. Your teacher will guide you through the exercises as you circle through stations including TRX, free weights, medicine balls, and cardio. A complete, head to toe workout that will leave you stronger than you were when you walked in.

Intro to TRX

Looking to start your TRX fitness journey? Start here! Learn how to work the suspension trainers to quickly and effectively move between exercises and get the most out of your workout. *Must complete before taking TRfleX. Gym shoes required

Dance Fusion

Dance Fusion is a cardio dance class using only your body weight and mixing functional moves such as squats, lunges and jumps for a fun cardio workout. Think Zumba meets bootcamp! No dance experience necessary, let loose, have fun, make some new friends and let your sassy self shine through!


Uplevel your workout. Our TRX classes use your own body weight and Suspension Trainers to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously in less than an hour! Be amazed by what your body can do