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Hello friends! I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio (go Bucks!), and moved out to San Jose, California in 2017 for my husband’s job. I have been practicing yoga since 2003, and then decided I wanted to share my love for yoga with others. I have a strong passion for health and wellness and love to work with people from all walks of life. I completed my yoga certifications in Columbus Ohio, Tulum Mexico, and San Diego California. Through these trainings, I learned to teach beginner’s yoga, restorative, power, gentle, vinyasa flow, guided meditation, and my newest passion is yoga trapeze! This style of yoga is known to be therapeutic for the spine; builds strength, flexibility, and tones muscles throughout the entire body. The thing I love most is to see someone succeed at what they thought was impossible for them. I have found this to be very prominent in yoga, and watching yogis take themselves to their edge.

I have a strong love in teaching yoga, but I also work in a few other industries. I attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach, and have now built my own business. I also work in the medical field as a radiologic technologist, which has helped me to gain a strong knowledge of the human body inside and out. Through all of my trainings, I have learned that no two people have the same exact needs mentally or physically. I believe it is important to help guide each individual on their chosen path openly, honestly, and without judgement. I have found by incorporating any style of yoga and meditation into your life, it can play a significant role in having a healthy heart, mind, and body.