Ready to crush your fitness goals?
The challenge? Take 40 classes with us in 60 days. That's it. No excuses, no waiting. Get back to YOU. We make it super easy-peasy with a 60-day challenge pass that gives you unlimited access to the studio! A complimentary Fitness Achievement goal-setting session comes with your pass, so you can sit down with a senior instructor and we can find out a little bit more about you and what you need to succeed. This isn't a one-size-fits-all fitness approach; we customize your plan to YOU and set you up for success!
Welcome to the FlexFam!
We get it. We all could use some extra encouragement, support, and motivation. Taking that first step can be hard! We can't wait to introduce you to our FlexFam, the most amazing group of supportive individuals you will ever meet, who all have BEEN there. 
Are you ready for 2020 to be YOUR year?
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