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Hello FlexFam! Owning a fitness studio is such an exciting experience, and I’m so lucky to partner with Helen – and you! – in making this dream possible. My career experience is rooted in technology, and I’ve been part of the Silicon Valley working world since the late ’90s. Working behind a desk for long hours + commutes can truly take a serious toll on the body, and that’s a life with which I’m very familiar. In seeking relief from our modern computer-centric life, I’ve tried it all. What I’ve found to be the most effective equation in getting the body happy is exactly what you’ll find at Flex. The secret sauce is to rotate between a consistent practice of barre, yoga/mobility, cardio, and strength training. Barre is like going to a party where all your friends are joining you in those physical therapy exercises you’d never do alone. Add in yoga and foam rolling to help sooth the nervous system and recharge your calm and you’ll see added improvements in your over-all body awareness and functional movement. Then, when you include cardio activities like dance, additional strength training during a TRX, circuit, or bootcamp class, you really help to stave off common ailments relating to aging. Variety, like in our diets, is key to having an adaptable and resilient body, so when you combine these modes, it can help the body get worked in all the right ways – and improve all the other areas of life, too! As part of my fitness philosophy, I encourage everyone to pay super close attention to all the little messages your own body sends you and make a practice of trying to sense each and every muscle. I believe that observation and applied intention helps hone a more precise, functional movement that lets the body (re)align itself over time – during class, and beyond. Outside of the studio, I love to spend time sailing big oceans, trekking big mountains, and sleeping under epic expanses of sky. I look forward to working out with you in the studio or chatting it up on the trail during one of our FlexFam outdoors events!