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Jenn S

Hey y’all! I am a certified yoga teacher here in San Jose, California. I came to the practice of yoga by way of dance in 2006, and haven’t looked back. My philosophy is, “If you can breathe, you can practice yoga!” It doesn’t need to be fancy or extra-bendy to be effective. Making yoga accessible to all bodies, ages, and abilities is my passion, and I strive to increase access to the practice of yoga for unique and under-served populations.

My classes are slower-paced but often call for longer holds and a stronger focus on the mind-body relationship. I am committed to developing my students’ practice through intentional sequencing, intelligent focus on the breath, and through novel approaches to asana.

Off the mat, you are most likely to find me volunteering at a local farm or cooking with fresh veggies in the kitchen. I am also working toward my 500-hour yoga certification with Jennifer Prugh.

BIG offerings of gratitude to the communities that have helped me grow and evolve my practice and teachings here in San Jose! Particularly to the wonderful Flex Fam!