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Like many busy working professionals, I used to find so many excuses why I had no time or energy to maintain a regular active schedule until I discovered vinyasa (power) yoga through a free Saturday morning community yoga class when I first moved to California in 2006.
As my yoga practice progressed over the years, I began to realize how a well-rounded healthy lifestyle is the key to my happiness and inner fulfillment. Always considered myself as a student and explorer, I started to explore other intensive workouts through at-home fitness programs from Beachbody P90X and Insanity before I joined a gym purely for their group exercise classes. The switch and commitment to an active lifestyle changed my life so I decided to complete my 200-hours yoga teacher training in 2016 at Corepower Yoga and mix it with an Insanity teaching certification.
As a group fitness junkie, I love taking group-focused classes myself so I want to bring the fun spirit and dynamic aspects of these classes to my students. No matter what level the students are, they will always be able to challenge themselves and enjoy the time they spend with like-minded individuals.