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When stepping into the health and fitness world 11 years ago, I had one goal in mind: to help people. First as a personal trainer, then teaching group fitness classes, wellness coaching and as a yoga instructor and yoga therapist.

I love the electric music and energy of teaching a kick butt bootcamp class as well as the connection that happens during a yoga class between the breathe, body and mind.

So how does a “I want to get my butt kicked” person get into yoga? Well…

As a senior in high school, my mom took me to my first ever yoga class. It was a 2 hour class that was meant to be more serious but the natural playful manner of both of us couldn’t be hidden as we fell out of half the poses, laughing almost the entire class! In the many years following that class, I continued being active but just dabbled in a variety of yoga classes, enjoying the breathing, challenge, and serenity of each class.

After I developed a more solid yoga practice, in 2013 I went for it and received my 200-hr Yoga Alliance instructor certification. In addition to yoga, I continued to teach all high intense classes until I found out that I had arthritis in my left hip.   As I healed from the initial onset, I had to stop doing anything with high-intensity movements and focused more on gentle, subtle yoga to retrain and strengthen. I learned so many ways to help heal and then cope with my arthritis, which led me to completing my 500-hour Yoga Therapy certification.

It may sound hard to believe but I am known for teaching a heart pumping, energetic class and then turn right around and teach a relaxing gentle yoga class. All Yang needs some Yin and vice versa!

When not at my full-time job as an Onsite Wellness Coordinator, you can find me teaching fitness classes, hiking, kayaking and traveling with my husband. Aside from being active, live music, being at the beach bring and drinking wine bring much happiness and peace to my life.