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After practicing yoga for 10 years, I began looking for a way to deepen my practice.  What started as an inward journey to find and better myself developed into a passion for helping others grow and transform their lives through yoga.  On my mat, I always felt completely at ease and in the present moment.  Because of my yoga practice, I am now able to live a mindful life off the mat.

Striving to constantly learn and explore new things, I have dabbled in all different types of yoga. From Bikram, Yin and Jivamukti to Dahn Yoga, where you quite literally hit yourself to release chi, or vital energy… to laughter yoga, aerial yoga and Kundalini, where I learned a meditation to fight brain fatigue and to live your excellence.  Ultimately my yoga journey has led her to find my favorite type of yoga, Vinyasa, for the strength it gives me both physically and mentally, and for the strong connection I feel between breath and movement. I am a true believer that there is a type of yoga out there for everyone.

I am honored to share my enthusiasm for yoga and its many benefits with my students.  When I am not working as an attorney or practicing yoga, I enjoy hiking, swimming, kayaking, snowboarding and traveling the world with my friends and family.