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It’s the new year, and time to set intentions and goals to get started off on the right foot! Join Helen as we learn to create our very own bullet journals. Bullet journals are a fun yet powerful way to bring awareness to your biggest goals, break those goals down into smaller, achievable pieces, and create an accountability system that will lead you to success.

Unlike other systems, bullet journals are extremely flexible and completely customizable, organized to the way your individual mind works. Unlike other binders, journals, and trackers, bullet journals end up having no unused sections, because you create it yourself based on what is truly important to YOU and your life. It’s equal parts diary, day planner, written meditation, and vision board, and has been described as a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.

Sign up now to see why bullet journals have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years: they really work! NOTE: All materials needed for this workshop are included for the price of your investment, including markers, stickers, washi tape, stencils, and your very own journal. We are only accepting signups through January 25th so we have time to gather supplies!


To reserve your spot, please click the button below. You will be redirected to our client booking system.