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This workshop is for turkey trotters, weekend warriors, and serious runners alike! We’ll learn strength, mobility, and stretching techniques to enhance your running, stay injury-free, and hit your new PR! The game plan for this two hour workshop will be:

1. A broad overview of running mechanics and breakdown of key anatomy and movement patterns for optimal running.

2. Strength work using weights and bodyweight to develop strength in all the typical areas runners have imbalances and weakness.

3. Mobility work using yoga, functional range conditioning, and myofascal release to loosen up the all the areas that running tends to overtighten. (Hint: it’s not just hamstrings and hips!)


Join studio owner Helen as she applies her many certifications and marathon running experience to rehab your running and take it to the next level!

Cost to attend: $40

20% off for current personal training, small group, or group fitness members