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Considering Personal Training?

You’re a busy professional in Silicon Valley striving to live your best life. You have work dialed in, your colleagues respect you; you are recognized as a competent, capable leader and a valued team member. You probably even have your personal life sorted as well, and are the go-to guru for friends who need help figuring things out. But despite being the master of your domain, the one area you are a bit unsure of is your health and fitness. Are you struggling to get moving again after Covid threw you off your game? Are you experiencing tight hip flexors, low back pain, or pain between the shoulder blades from too much sitting? Do you lack the knowledge to put a program together that really works to achieve your goals, or the accountability to follow it through? Does this feel like the one area of your life you don’t have control over? If you can answer yes any of these statements, our personal training program may be perfect for you.

Schedule a mini-session to try it out!

 Our 30-minute mini sessions are available through the month of February as a taster to personal training. If you know you need help, but are fearful of commitment or trying something new, this is the perfect opportunity to have a “first date” with fitness and see how it goes!

Before & After Your Mini Session

Before Session:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first session and let us know if you have any limitations or injuries that you’re working through. Plan about 60 minutes for your visit: 20 minutes for your assessment, 30 minutes for your training session, and about 10 minutes after your session to discuss your best options and next steps.
  • We’ll start with the assessment, where we ask detailed questions about your fitness history, goals, and and prior injuries or surgeries we should be aware of that might affect your workout programming.

After Your Session:

  • Check in with your trainer for any questions or clarifications. We’ll go over our program recommendations and the best steps to take next to get you to your goals.
  • Sign up for the personal training intro pack or a membership. You’ll receive a discount on either if you purchase the same day.


Schedule your fitness assessment and mini-session today! We’ll ask you questions about your fitness history, any injuries or mobility issues we need to be aware of when working with you, and find out what your goals are. Then we’ll share our program details and give you all the information you need to be comfortable making the decision to work with us. After that, get ready for 30 minutes of movement with one of our senior trainers, who will know just how much is enough for your body. Personal training is an equal partnership between you and our trainers, and we’ll make sure our program is the right fit for you to achieve success!