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Rewards - Coming soon!

Earn points for attending class, workshops and tagging Flex Fusion Studios in a post on Twitter or Facebook.


Attend Class

  • Come to class.
  •  Perkville will send you an email after your first sign in to register on their website to set up your account. (The first class will count towards your points.)
  • Once your account is set up on Perkville, you can view your points, see what you can redeem points for, post on facebook or twitter and print off vouchers for free stuff.

Tag Flex Fusion Studios on Instagram or Facebook

  • Log in to Perkville and use their system to post on Facebook or Instagram and tag @FlexFusionStudios in the post.
  • Every time you do this, you get points!
  • Must be done through Perkville website.

Sweat Equity Point Values

  • Joining the program – 20 points
  • Birthday – 10 points
  • Referring a friend – 10 points
  • Attending class –  5 points
  • Attend a Super Session- 3 point bonus
  • Tagging us on social media – 2 points
  • Following us on social media – 2 points

Redeem Points:

When you have enough points to redeem, print out the appropriate voucher through Perkville and bring it to the studio for redemption. Then take class and start earning more points!

200 points – Free socks or water bottle
350 points – Free class
400 points – Free Special Flex Fusion logo T-shirt or tank
500 points – Free Intro Month to give to a friend
1000 points – Free month of membership. Simply flex 3-4 times a week and you will earn a free month every year.

Questions? Please email info@flexfusionstudios.com