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The support of personal training with the energy of a group class.

Individual attention and premium programming with a maximum of just 4 clients.


Small group training blends the accountability and energy of a group class with the highly personalized workout program you’d find in personal training. It is NOT just a workout of the day you complete with everyone else in a group setting. You start right where YOU are right now, progress at your own pace towards YOUR goals, and celebrate the milestones along the way!

Small group training will help you:

  • Transform your body with guided, personalized workouts that work toward your unique goals

  • Improve motivation, accountability, and results

  • With premium programming and specialized equipment just not feasible in a group class setting

  • Progress under the watchful eye of a veteran trainer

  • Improve technique and make adjustments without worrying about stopping an entire group class when you need additional assistance


Get and stay on top of your game. Reach your performance potential.

Shed stress and develop mental resiliency, while “age-proofing” your body.

Take control of your health and wellness with our maximally efficient 45-minute workouts.


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Stay Motivated

Surround yourself with likeminded individuals all progressing toward their goals, while experiencing the benefit and creativity of an excellent trainer.

Stay Accountable

People tend to work harder in the presence of others, especially others we like! Our clients are really cool people, and often find themselves coordinating sessions together.

Stay Injury-Free

Whether you need sport-specific training, work-arounds for injuries, you are training with a medical condition, or just want to age gracefully, small group can get you there.

Our Mission

Flex Fusion is more than a gym. We are a supportive community who pulls together to reach personal goals and foster friendships along the way. Our trainers are passionate and highly certified, and our barre-tenders at the front desk are the friendliest you’ll ever meet. Our custom-built studios combine the benefits of barre, yoga, TRX, and boot camp so you don’t have to run all over town to get your workout in. Plus, our programs fuse together to give you the most well-rounded workout in the Bay. Whether you’re looking to transform your body with personal training and nutrition coaching, achieve success in small group, or maintain fitness as a lifestyle in our group classes, we’ve got it in one place. Get ready to flex your limits and reach your fitness goals.

Small Group Sessions


The foundation class of small group. Your trainer will work with you with plenty of hands on assistance during the session of weighted and bodyweight movements. Your focus for the day will be either:

Core- focus on the muscles of the core, the abdominals, obliques, and transverse

Pull- focus on the pulling muscles of the upper body, the back and biceps

Push- focus on the pushing muscles of the upper body, the chest, triceps and shoulders

Legs- focus on the muscles of the legs, the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves

TRX Riptrainer

We’ll strengthen the core like never before using the TRX Riptrainer, an innovative weighted bar and resistance bungee duo.

This piece of premium equipment makes every exercise a core exercise, and utilizes more muscles of the core than most other gym exercises. We do full-body exercises like lunge press-outs, overhead squats, and more, making this a great class for those who can’t get enough core work!


Aerial Hammock

This class extends beyond just aerial yoga in a hammock. We’ll learn to use the aerial hammock as an apparatus to find flow and fluidity.

Please do not wear clothing with zippers or anything that could potentially snag the hammock material. Jewelry (especially rings) may not be worn during class.

Please wear leggings or workout pants that cover the backs of your knees. Participants should also wear a shirt that covers their underarms, and grippy socks.