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Hi Flexfam,

I am a Bay Area native from the Willow Glen area of San Jose.

I fell in love with yoga and embarked on my teacher training journey at Avalon Yoga International in 2014 and have been teaching yoga ever since.  My yoga style is mixed, but I favor a powerful Mysore Vinyasa flow.  I believe that yoga is a lifestyle and a transformative process.

I discovered barre right here at Flex when I was looking to spice up my fitness routine two years ago and life has never been the same.  Barre has made me so strong and I am excited to share my passion for it with others.

I have a B.S. in Public Relations and an M.S. in Mass Communications and New Media Technologies.  When I’m not working out at Flex, I am an International Patent Specialist at a major law firm.

In addition to barre and yoga, I take pleasure in travel, acai bowls, Chipotle, and prosecco.  I also enjoy seeing musicals with my mom, reading, and spending time with my husband and our dogs, Bonnie and Claude.