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Transform your body with personalized workouts and individual attention.

Flexible scheduling. Top tier accountability.

Personal training gives you the opportunity to have a fitness professional create a custom training program designed specifically for YOUR BODYYOUR GOALS, and YOUR NEEDS. Whether you’re nervous about jumping back into fitness or have an unusual schedule, our knowledgeable and professional personal trainers will address your individual needs with care and attention.


Ten Reasons To Choose Flex Personal Training


We don't use machines.

When you use exercise machines, the movements are not as natural as using free weights. Machines are also "one size fits all", so if you are taller or shorter than the standard height the machines may not be comfortable and may even promote injury.

We use free weights.

Using free weights promotes the use of smaller, accessory muscles that help stability and balance in your movements. In addition, free weights have been shown to develop greater power than machines, and are a more efficient way to hit most fitness goals, including building strength and lean muscle mass, changing body composition, and weight loss.

We have the most knowledgeable trainers.

Our coaches for our personal training programs are experts in their field, have multiple certifications, and a ton of experience training many different bodies, abilities, and fitness levels. You wouldn't trust a brand new accountant with your taxes, so why trust an inexperienced trainer with your most important asset, your body?

We use the TRX suspension strap system.

In a recent study of suspension training, TRX Suspension Training was found to be 89.2 percent clinically beneficial in improving “hard 30-year cardiovascular disease risk” (these are mortality events) and 86 percent clinically beneficial in improving “full 30-year cardiovascular disease risk” (this includes myocardial infarction and other less severe events). While the statistics involved with generating these numbers is rather complex, the take-away point here is that long-term adherence to TRX Suspension Training is likely to decrease the likelihood of suffering a cardiovascular event.

We meet you where you are.

We don’t presume you’re of average fitness, or have the ability to do a situp or pushup. Our training programs are completely customized to where you are RIGHT NOW, unlike a bootcamp program or group program that assumes a baseline of fitness and ability. The way we train a 30 year-old athlete is completely different from the way we train a 65 year-old person with a hip replacement. Our program is perfect for people coming back to fitness after a long absence, people who are rehabbing from injuries or surgeries, and moms who are postpartum. If you have the go-ahead from your doctor or are done with physical therapy, you are ready to start training!

Program cohesiveness.

All of our trainers follow the same custom program we have designed for you, so it doesn’t matter which coach you see. We ALL are on the same page and take detailed notes after every session, leading to a seamless training program that really delivers results.

Program flexibility.

We work with you on all the components necessary to achieve maximum success. Unlike other programs, we add in mobility work, physical therapy exercises, and nutrition resources to support your transformation efforts and keep you moving well with plenty of energy. We don’t do crash diets or quick fixes here, only science-backed proven methods to achieve healthy, lasting results. We assess your program monthly, keep what’s working, and change what’s not. Our dynamic program keeps you progressing so that you never plateau.

Flexible scheduling.

Our trainers are available seven days a week, often from early morning appointments starting at 6AM or late appointments after work at 7:30PM. We don’t lock you into a certain day and time every week, and instead you can choose your training appointments based on what’s best for you and your ever-changing busy schedule. If you go on vacation for a week, you can make up any missed sessions throughout the rest of your month.

Accountability and attention.

Unlike other training programs that stop at the studio doors, we check in on you if you miss a session, strategize with you to overcome work stressors or scheduling issues that might make it difficult to stick to your program. Fitness participants and athletes who receive more attention and accountability are more likely to reach their goals. We treat you as the star player on the team, always.

We lead with love.

Our trainers will never yell at you, belittle you, put you down, or make you feel inadequate. We are here for you, and are rooting for your success with every single session. We never use negative conditioning or try to break you down. Many people are turned off to exercise and fitness because of bad experiences they can trace all the way back to middle school and high school PE classes. They were made to feel inadequate or received negative reinforcement that affected their success outcome. Wew always lead with positive praise and constructive coaching, using inclusive language and success-focused training. We celebrate every win, and work on the rest. You’ll never have flashbacks to gym class, we promise. Studies have shown that when we coach people as if they are already successful, the rate of success is greater than if we coach using negative tactics, harsh language, and shouting.


Reach your goals faster with a complete program that includes coaching in strength, endurance, and mobility.

Shed stress, develop mental resiliency and physical fortitude to withstand the pressures of your demanding life.

Take control of your health and wellness with goal-setting and accountability provided by our most knowledgable trainers.

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Personalized Plan

Achieve accelerated results with a program we design just for you, accounting for your goals, your fitness history, lifestyle, and previous injuries or medical conditions. We work with you to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Results Focused

We take body measurements and a thorough fitness assessment at the beginning of your program and once a month thereafter, to make sure you’re on track to crush your goals and reach success.


We educate you in all aspects of health, fitness, exercise, and nutrition needed for results. Knowledge is power, and we make sure you have a proper understanding of what it takes to reach your fitness goals. Our goal is to empower you to succeed.
“I joined Flex a year ago for personal training after an injury. I’ve never been able to develop strength and stability on my own and really wanted to feel stronger. Working with Helen has been great. She tailored her routines to my specific mobility issues and I am noticeably stronger, have better balance and way more energy. I started attending TRX, Barre and boot camp as well and love those classes. All the teachers are friendly, give clear instructions, lots of encouragement and provide interesting routines. I love being a member of the Flex family”
— Marijke A., medical diagnostics