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Transform your body with personalized workouts and individual attention.

Flexible scheduling. Top tier accountability.


Personal training gives you the opportunity to have a fitness professional create a custom training program designed specifically for YOUR BODYYOUR GOALS, and YOUR NEEDS. Whether you’re nervous about jumping back into fitness or have an unusual schedule, our knowledgeable and professional personal trainers at Flex will address your individual needs with care and attention.

Personal training will help you:

  • Transform your body with guided, personalized workouts

  • Optimize your results with custom nutrition coaching

  • Commit to your sessions with flexible scheduling

  • Perform at your best for others in your life who depend on you

In the same way that a mechanic can help you maintain and prevent car trouble, a personal trainer can help you get your body into great shape or make fitness safe again. Our personal training program at Flex is designed to help ambitious professionals from the Campbell area and beyond achieve DRAMATIC PHYSICAL RESULTS, better MENTAL RESILIENCY, and a total INCREASE IN CONFIDENCE. 


Reach your goals faster with a complete program that includes coaching in nutrition, stress, and wellness.

Shed stress, develop mental resiliency and physical fortitude to withstand the pressures of your demanding life.

Take control of your health and wellness with goal-setting and accountability provided by our most knowledgable trainers.

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Personalized Plan

Achieve accelerated results with a program we design just for you, accounting for your goals, your fitness history, lifestyle, and previous injuries or medical conditions. We work with you to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Results Focused

We take body measurements and a thorough fitness assessment at the beginning of your program and once a month thereafter, to make sure you’re on track to crush your goals and reach success.


We educate you with all aspects of health, fitness, exercise, and nutrition. Knowledge is power, and we make sure you have a proper understanding of what it takes to reach your fitness goals. Our goal is to empower you to succeed.

Our Mission

Flex Fusion is more than a gym. We are a supportive community who pulls together to reach personal goals and foster friendships along the way. Our trainers are passionate and highly certified, and our barre-tenders at the front desk are the friendliest you’ll ever meet. Our custom-built studios combine the benefits of barre, yoga, TRX, and boot camp so you don’t have to run all over town to get your workout in. Plus, our programs fuse together to give you the most well-rounded workout in the Bay. Whether you’re looking to transform your body with personal training and nutrition coaching, achieve success in small group, or maintain fitness as a lifestyle in our group classes, we’ve got it in one place. Get ready to flex your limits and reach your fitness goals.

From Our Students

I Flex because it provides workouts that I love enough to actually do! And if I stop showing up, members and instructors will notice, and they care enough to reach out and see if I'm doing okay. Gone are the days of paying for a gym membership I never use. Gone are the days of anonymity and feeling like I'm going it alone in my fitness journey. I'm never leaving Flex!

Linda S.

Flex is not your typical Silicon Valley cookie cutter studio. There is a true sense of community, talented instructors that are invested in you, and a never-boring mix of classes! Plus, it’s locally owned.

Ashley N.

I have taken over 500 barre classes all over the country and Barre Burn at Flex is in my top five favorite classes of all time!

Kayla B.

In a sea full of corporate studios, Flex stands out because of the authentic, personal workouts and community. It’s wonderful to have genuine instructors and staff who know you by name

Christina C.

The individual attention and care! It really emphasizes that I don't have to be in competition with anyone, I'm not just another face in the mirror or body on a mat. My fitness journey and goals are just as valid as anyone else's and it's ok to modify or go at my own pace.

Gina G.