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Hi! My name is Nathalie Mai Ngo or “Mango”. I grew up going to school right across the street from Flex Fusion Studios. After completing my schooling at Presentation High School, I ventured on to Loyola Marymount University where she studied theology and continued delving into more and more community service. 

At Flex, I speak to and teach classes that are designed around body consciousness. If you take care of own your own body, you know that your body, mind, and spirit are yours. That is a powerful thing! From personal transformation, we can effect so much change in our world!

I design my classes around a diversified population of students ranging from little ones in our Creative Movement class to our Flex & Flow and Limitless offerings. 

The style of yoga that I teach combines the challenge of power yoga with a call for going internal. Count on each of my classes to be engaging as I share with you the value of finding your own breath and using that to power you through your flow and inversions. Enjoy challenging yoga sequencing blended with cardio. 

If you are craving something a little bit more, my Limitless class will give you the opportunity for an intensified flow through yoga postures. Ignite your strength training breath with squats, lunges, bicep curls, and more!