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Hi Flex Fam! As Flex’s founder, opening a studio had been a life long dream that has evolved many times in its journey. In kindergarten, I matter-of-factly stated that I would be a dance teacher and in high school I started saving for my future studio. When I moved to California from Alaska, I fell in love with barre and then yoga and the studio in my head began to develop into what it is today. After years of studying other classes, I found what I was looking for was a real sense of community and a place to practice yoga, tone with barre and stay heart healthy. With that, Flex Fusion took its original shape.

Life’s latest twist has now taken me to Idaho, but I still come back and guest teach whenever I’m in town. I have deep ties to teaching in the Bay Area, and as a lifelong dancer I have been teaching since I was 16 years old. I love teaching because it is a truly fulfilling lifestyle. No matter the age or the style, I am happiest in the studio helping students and clients reach their next level. I believe that fitness is a vital part of our daily lives, so I tried to create a place that was founded first in community and celebrates the joy that comes from helping each other grow every class. I feel honored to meet and work with every single person who enters the Flex Fam. If you need someone to talk about Alaska, fluffy dogs, salmon or ballet, I am your go-to girl and I can’t wait to meet you.